"The 100% Charity"

The Shannon Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping to pay for medical care for children whose families can't afford it. Formed in 1994 in memory of Shannon Fisher, who passed away as an infant, The Shannon Foundation believes that no child or infant should suffer because his or her family cannot afford to pay for medical care.

Working through social workers at various hospitals across the country to identify kids in need, the foundation has paid for medicine, medical tests and procedures, equipment (such as wheelchairs, ventilators, etc.), hospital visits, surgery, medical co-pays, chemotherapy and physical therapy. Over the years, The Shannon Foundation has provided assistance to children throughout the country.

The Shannon Foundation has received section 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service, so donations to the Foundation are tax deductible. One of the most important aspects of The Shannon Foundation is that, unlike most charities, 100% of the donations it receives (except for donations specifically earmarked by donors for the foundation's endowment) are allocated for charitable disbursement; no portion of its revenues are used for administrative or any other purposes.

Logan and Nolan Hartman